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About the artist

Binal Tripathi grew up in one of the most vibrant cities in India called Ahmedabad. The heritage buildings, carvings, designs and vibrant colours of the city always amazed her as a child and led her to replicate much of this in her artwork. While growing up, she was privileged to be privy to conversations about art, politics and literature which further fuelled her desire for art and painting.

Binal earned a Master’s degree in Information Systems and works in an Administrative role currently. Besides her interest in Science and Technology, she kept her passion for art alive throughout her life. Binal is a self taught artist who started making pencil sketches and landscapes from the age of 8. Her family was always very supportive of her dreams. At fifteen, she painted a landscape, which was at 5 feet by three feet - almost bigger than her, but the fact it sold was the encouragement she needed to keep pursuing her passion.

She has created hundreds of pieces - selling in markets, gifting to family and friends as well as displaying her artwork at a reputable art store. She has created art pieces on paper, canvas, glass, aluminium and sand pots. Her art is predominantly inspired by the rich Indian culture and its diverse heritage. 

After working on her artwork in India for almost 10 years, she was presented with the opportunity of moving to Sydney. The vibrant colours and the beauty of this city further inspired her artwork and passion for painting. Binal has recently opened art classes to impart her knowledge of art and encourage the people of all age groups to recognise the artist within themselves. Binal’s goal is to create work that is pleasing to the eye and spread positive energy.

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