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A girl was walking on the street, thousands of thoughts were running in her mind about future, goal, work, family. Then she saw a little boy who was running after a butterfly to catch it in his little palm. That moment she stopped & thought to herself is there anything that brings a smile on to her face the same as on this little kid’s face who was just enjoying the moment & all of a sudden her worries vanished & she felt like jumping & flying like that little boy. The lesson she learned that Life is too short to worry about tomorrow & we should enjoy the present.

  • Medium- Oil colours on the canvas
  • Size: Total 100 x 60 x 3.5 cms

Total 6 pcs of canvas

- 3 pieces: 30 x 20 cms,

- 1 piece: 10 x 10 cms

- 1 size: 40 x 20 cms

- 1 size: 40 x 30 cms

  • Ready to hang
  • Varnished / weather coated

Note: can be also made in any required sizes and can be ready within 2 weeks after purchase.


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